The October Meeting

This month we welcomed Peter and Sue Johnson from the Cambridge O.S. who had travelled to Ecuador on two orchid hunting tours organised by the O.S.G.B and provided by Ecuagenera. They were led by Jose Portillo the company’s CEO.

With the Andes running from the north to the south of the country the climate ranges from intermediate to cool as the elevation increases.  The genera that were seen included Maxillaria, many of which were undescribed species, Stellis, Epidendrum, Telepogon, Oncidium,Trichoceros and Phragmipedium, to name but a few. Many of the plants were growing by the roadside or within a short distance from where the coach the party were travelling in had stopped.

Besides seeing orchids in their habitat visits were also made to the Ecuagenera nursery and to botanic gardens. Peter’s excellent images also showed us much of the countryside and some of the small towns where they stayed overnight.

It was a very interesting and informative evening much enjoyed by our members.

The Table Show saw eleven plants being staged by six members. The honours were shared between Richard Spalding’s Masdevallia veitchiana, Ian Charlwood’s Polystachya vulcanica “Burnham Jubilee” and Brassia wageneri shown by Colin Thorburn.

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