The July Meeting

This month we showed a presentation on the Bulbophyllum presented by Bill Thoms, awell known grower and hybridizer of this genus. The presentation was produced by the American Orchid Society and presented to the British Orchid Council during Bill’s lecture tour in 2016.

He demonstrated how using his ‘WAFL-HS principles of growing he has produced more awarded Bulbophyllums than most growers. The system, pronounced “Wafflehouse” focuses on Water, Air, Food, Light, Home and Sickness. He showed how a small division can be grown into a specimen plant given plenty of water, good air movement, feeding ‘weakly weekly’ and being grown in light shaded conditions. The awarded species and hybrids shown certainly demonstrated the effectiveness of this way of growing.

The Table Show was well supported with a wide spread of genera on display. The honours this month were shared between Richard Spalding’s Disa ‘Oak Valley’ and Dendrobium amabile shown by Colin Thorburn.

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